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This article is adapted from a Birdlife International article by Jessica Law.  Te Ipukarea Society is the Birdlife partner for the Cook Islands.

Going greener for tourists

Friday January 25, 2019

Muri Beach Club Hotel is going greener by introducing a range of new environmentally friendly toiletries for its guests.

Explorer interest in seabed minerals

Wednesday January 23, 2019

Seabed Minerals Commissioner, Paul Lynch, has confirmed that there are industries who have shown their interest to explore the Cook Islands seabed and see if it is commercially viable.

TIS intern following her passion

Saturday January 12, 2019

My name is Jessie Tepora Nicholson.

I am a descendent of the Pirangi and Apaina bloodlines from Arorangi and Ivirua, Mangaia, respectively, through my mama and papa.

Recent heavy downpours at Nukupure beach in Muri has scoured the coastline once more resulting severe erosion.

Resuable bottles protect paradise

Saturday January 05, 2019

Single use plastics are one of major contributors to the waste we generate in the Cook Islands.

World of discovery in Arorangi

Saturday January 05, 2019

The Discover – Marine & Wildlife Eco-Centre in Arorangi has opened its doors to the public after a grand opening on Wednesday.

Making a real difference through TIS

Saturday December 29, 2018

This weekly column is provided by Te Ipukarea Society. It deals with environment and conservation matters of concern to the Cook Islands.

Environmental health a challenge

Saturday December 29, 2018

One of the great ironies of our time is that what we do in pursuit of money puts undue pressure on the environment, but restoring the health of our environment costs money too.

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