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Boomerang bags come back

Thursday September 27, 2018

In a small New Zealand town, women’s groups have taken to their sewing machines producing plastic bag replacements, called boomerang bags.

Volunteers clean up island litter

Saturday September 15, 2018

The Clean Up the World event coordinated by the National Environment Service (NES) today received a good response from the business communities and the government agencies.

This weekly column is contributed by Te Ipukarea Society. It deals with conservation and environment matters of interest to the Cook Islands.

Thinking outside the bin for recycling

Thursday September 20, 2018

Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) is committed to reducing waste to landfill and are always trying to assist households to manage their waste better. 

Clam investigation complete

Monday September 10, 2018

The Ministry of Marine Resources (Tu’anga o te Pae Moana) has completed a preliminary investigation into the sudden death of a large number of giant clams (pa’ua) in the Tikioki eco-tourism area, as reported by CINews last month.

A closer look at purse seine catch

Saturday September 08, 2018

Public interest in the development of the purse seine fishery has grown over the past few years, mainly in relation to the Cook Islands-European Union Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement (SFPA). Here we take a closer look at the 2017 Cook Islands purse seine catches and recent developments in fisheries management.

Kiwi family clean up at Blackrock

Saturday September 08, 2018

Halfway into their seven-week stay on Rarotonga a Christchurch family decided it was time to take action and help tidy up their favourite swimming spot at Blackrock. 

Water safety hot topic at Muri meeting

Saturday September 08, 2018

Water safety legislation, visitor risk and safety standards were topics of discussion raised at an urgent water safety meeting called by the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation on Wednesday.

Ship safety course aims to save lives

Friday September 07, 2018

One man was down and being resuscitated when the captain of the Layar Mas 291 made the “abandon ship” call, due to an out-of-control fire in two containers.

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