Weed turnoff for tourists

Thursday January 14, 2016

 Tourists are making known their displeasure at the state of Muri lagoon, with many becoming vocal online about the unsightly algae growth.

The Opposition is calling out the government and Cook Islands Tourism Corporation’s chief executive Halatoa Fua for making “fishy” comments about the deteriorating state of Muri lagoon.

Despite the growing masses of sludgy green algae blanketing large areas of Muri lagoon, Cook Islands Tourism is adamant visitors can swim there without any risk to health.

Lagoon problems nothing new

Monday January 11, 2016

Controversy over the state of Muri lagoon and the algal blooms which regularly appear on the lagoon floor certainly isn’t anything new.

Another piggery set to be closed

Tuesday December 29, 2015

A pigsty causing environmental problems in Ngatangiia could be closed down shortly.

Calling environmental concerns over Muri Lagoon a “national disaster” was simply an attempt by government to snatch the $800,000 set aside for dealing with the aftermath of cyclones, claims lawyer and politician Norman George.

Landowners halt new road

Wednesday December 09, 2015

Titikaveka landowners have forced a stop to construction of a new road being built inland to enable the laying of water mains for Te Mato Vai project, saying what the government has done so far regarding the road is illegal.

Can Muri Lagoon be saved?

Monday November 09, 2015

Muri beach and lagoon are considered the crown jewels of Rarotonga – but there are now deep concerns whether this magnificent stretch of sand and water is beyond saving.

Sunscreen killing reefs and lagoons

Monday November 02, 2015

Daily sunscreen use is essential to protect against sunburn and skin cancer, but it may be killing local lagoons and reef systems.

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