Tokelau is a small island (big ocean) territory of New Zealand, located west of Pukapuka and north of Samoa.  It has a total population of only 1500 people, with less than 10 sq km of total land area. 

Rubbish collection days will be cut down to once a week for many households around Rarotonga.

Cattle owner says he feeds and waters his animals and takes them to the vet if they’re hurt.

Plastic Free July is approaching, and with the Cook Islands cabinet recently banning many single-use plastics, we deal this week with a recent initiative to reduce plastic use in our close neighbour, Samoa.

Dear Editor,

My grandfather always told me, not to trust politicians, and only believe half of what you read. I now believe this completely.

Local non-government organisations Te Ipukarea Society and Kōrero O Te ‘Ōrau recently sourced funding for an independent legal opinion on the draft Seabed Minerals Bill 2019. This is the fourth in a series of articles outlining key points raised in the 51-page opinion.

The Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) hosted a two day consultation on the draft Cook Islands Aquaculture Development Plan 2019-2023 this week.

The question of whether treated wastewater should be dispersed of on land or into the ocean was the focus of a public meeting in Muri last week.

A study is underway in Rarotonga to develop options to manage flooding impacts in the Muri catchment area and sediment runoff into the lagoon.

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