Shar van Leeuwen

Shar van Leeuwen

The new island magazine Lokal proved a popular attraction at its launch at the National Auditorium on Friday.

NZ vaka modelled on Te Au O Tonga

Monday January 08, 2018

A newly launched New Zealand waka (vaka) is based on the same design as those of the late Sir Thomas Davis of Rarotonga.

Married on the island he loves...

Monday January 08, 2018

New Zealand MP Shane Jones yesterday celebrated his marriage to Dorothy Pumipi and he says he wanted to get married on Rarotonga because he loves the place.

New Zealand deputy prime minister and Foreign Affairs minister Winston Peters was guest speaker at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon for 2018, at Tamarind House Restaurant and Bar on Thursday.

A large number of dogs have strayed from home after Rarotonga’s New Year’s fireworks celebrations, particularly in the Muri area.

Just four cases were heard by Justice of the Peace John Whitta at the Avarua High Court on Thursday.

Comments posted on social media following an accident in which a child was injured just before Christmas show many people are unsure what the law says about passengers riding on the back of trucks.

Help your pets to beat the heat

Wednesday January 03, 2018

In the heat of Rarotonga’s summer, pets need water and shade.

After nearly one full year in Rarotonga, Pukapuka-born Talaru Kiliuyi is looking forward to the next three years of study at Takamoa Theological College.

Exotic fruit thrives in island climate

Wednesday January 03, 2018

Her plants are now in their fourth year of production and Rarotonga grower Ngametua Turepu says her dragon fruit crop is thriving.

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