Richard Moore

Richard Moore

Raising the standards of service in restaurants around the Cook Islands is top of Caroline Medway-Smith’s menu.

Massive losses for rental firms

Sunday April 09, 2017

Rarotonga’s rental vehicle operators are losing thousands of dollars a day because motorscooter licence and testing fees have not reverted back to the old price of $20.

Opposition Unsurprised say sources

Saturday April 08, 2017

Sources in the Opposition say the PM’s announcement for a by-election for RAPPA comes as no surprise.

Albert Nicholas to resign

Saturday April 08, 2017

Nicholas, whose roles in the government include Internal Affairs minister and Sports minister, has decided to quit to end the controversy of his defection from the Democrats to the Cook Islands Party.

A matter of precision...

Thursday April 06, 2017

The world of the sommelier, a wine waiter, is one of knowledge and precision.

Reprieve for helmet offenders

Thursday April 06, 2017

It was an extraordinary day in the High Court yesterday and a lucky one for 36 people who had not paid their fines for minor traffic offences - including not wearing helmets. 

The police Search and Rescue team, backed by trainee recruits, has rescued a woman after she fell near The Needle on Tuesday afternoon.

Putting colour into our cheek

Tuesday April 04, 2017

Our readers have great senses of humour and while our April 1 prank may have caught a few of you out, at least you laughed about it afterwards.

Four talented young chefs are to battle it out for the chance to be the first Cook Islander to go dish-to-dish against the best up-and-coming cooking talents in the world.

A man who objected to another’s comments about his partner has been fined $250 for common assault, with an extra $50 in court costs.

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