Richard Moore

Richard Moore

Rains raise water bacteria levels

Wednesday March 13, 2019

Tests of water quality around Rarotonga showed that there were unsatisfactory levels of faecal content at all stream sites after last month’s heavy rains.

A furious foreign worker is warning tourists to be very careful about leaving valuables in their rooms on Rarotonga.

Bird’s eye view of Te Mato Vai

Saturday February 09, 2019

The Te Mato Vai project will help build the resilience of Rarotonga’s water supply, according to deputy prime minister Mark Brown.

Resort gets behind the climb

Friday February 08, 2019

The new owners of Magic Reef Beach Bungalows in Arorangi have got behind their local Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade by sponsoring their Sky Tower Stair Climb challenge.

Google street view coming to Raro

Wednesday February 06, 2019

The Cook Islands is an island country in the middle of the southern Pacific Ocean and is one of the region’s fastest growing economies.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus.

Demo MPs sign up for loyalty

Saturday February 02, 2019

Almost every Democratic Party Member of Parliament has signed a formal document pledging loyalty to both the party and the Opposition Leader Tina Browne.

As a fan of netball … I am a couch potato.

If there is an Australian test match on, particularly against the Kiwis, then I’ll be propped in front of the goggle box remote in one hand, wine in the other.

Believe it or not

Tuesday January 29, 2019

While many people have flown in from overseas for the UB40 concert, none can have the story Jean Ben from Belmore in Sydney has.

Australians to deport Cookie crim

Tuesday January 29, 2019

A Cook Islands-born criminal is expected to be deported from Australia to New Zealand soon.

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