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Great turnout for Muri replanting

Thursday March 07, 2019 Written by Published in Environment
Meti Nikoia and Matanoanoa Hetland with shrubs to replant. 19030516 Meti Nikoia and Matanoanoa Hetland with shrubs to replant. 19030516

Volunteers turned up in force to replant shrubs and trees at Muri Beach alongside Nukupure Park on Monday afternoon until later that evening.


The tree-planting project was a success; creating more awareness and exposure of the erosion issues had the village community working together along with other helpers on the day.

Plants that were focused on replanting were the vines (kaka) and the shrub plant that are present at many beach areas on the island and remain relatively untouched; young coconuts (uto) and venevene trees were also embedded, more trees will be added over time.

Executive member of the Muri Environment Care (MEC) Jaime Short said: “This work is part of our application to the Global Environment Fund Small Grants for stabilising the Nukupure Park beach. 

“We would like to thank everyone who took the time to help with replanting, the individuals and the groups -  the Air NZ staff, the community, Arorangi Girls Brigade and members of MEC,” said Short.

Members of MEC are: Mii Kauvai, Willie Kauvai, Keta Williams, Matanoanoa Hetland, Anne Tierney, Sisi Short, Mann Short, Paul Maoate and Jaime Short.

The second part of the project, is the construction of an access ramp to the beach to prevent the trampling of the plants and erosion caused by foot traffic.