TIS submits tuna initiative

Saturday April 23, 2016 Written by Published in Environment

 Te Ipukarea Society has submitted an initiative calling for a more robust sustainable tuna fisheries policy in the Pacific to the Forum Secretariat, as a part of their Framework for Pacific Regionalism.


Tuna fishing in the Pacific Islands region is expanding in an unsustainable manner despite the governance exercised by the West and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).

The issue is caused largely by distant water fishing nations fishing in the Pacific Islands ocean area. Because so many of them are members of the WCPFC, they are able to force compromises to proposed measures to combat overfishing.

While Pacific Island countries could initiate National Policies to address these issues, they don’t because it would also affect their economic returns in the short term. When pushed to implement effective conservation measures for tuna, they say this is a regional problem and needs a regional solution. Nobody is willing to be first and set an example for the others to follow/

Other initiatives proposed from other organisations overseas relate to coastal fisheries, health, education and gender.                                                 


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