Nothing sinister behind missing report says NES

Thursday April 07, 2016 Written by Published in Environment

A person who wrote to CI News complaining of the difficulty of accessing an Environmental Impact Assessment report has been the victim of a member of the public ignoring a “do not remove,” warning, says the National Environment Service (NES).


Recently the National Environment Service (NES) advertised that several reports could be read at various outlets, including Wigmore’s Superstore.

However a letter-writer using the name “Just Follow the Law,” complained that not only did the advertisement contain no details about a venture called Quadrant Ltd, other than its name, but the EIA report was missing when he made a special trip to inspect it at Wigmore’s.

NES director Joseph Brider said the EIA report for Quadrant had been delivered and advertised at Wigmore’s Superstore for 30 days, with his compliance staff making regular checks to ensure it had not been removed.

“It does happen from time to time that members of the public remove these EIA reports from the stores, despite our continuous efforts to stress the ‘do not remove’ labels,” Brider said.

“However, it is very possible the report went missing in between checks, which unfortunately is beyond our control.”

Compounding the problem on this occasion was the fact that the NES website had been hacked some weeks ago, resulting in a complete lack of access. As a result of the hack attack, the NES had been forced to develop a new website.

While the new website was being developed a diversion page had been launched to make EIA reports publically available, Brider said.

The Quadrant EIA had been placed on the temporary webpage, but this had then suffered technical problems, making the report inaccessible.

NES was aware of all the issues and had advised the public in a CI News advertisement that due to the website being down, electronic copies of the report were available at the NES office, Brider said.


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