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Another piggery set to be closed

Tuesday December 29, 2015 Written by Published in Environment

A pigsty causing environmental problems in Ngatangiia could be closed down shortly.


A piggery run by the Takamoa Theological College was closed down in October, and a second piggery on the same stretch of Turangi’s back road is currently being evaluated by Ministry of Health and National Enviroment Service staff.

More than 80 caged pigs are going to be sold now that the commercial piggery in Turangi Valley has been shut down because of a long list of environmental hazards.

NES director Joseph Brider told CI News on Wednesday last week that his staff were out evaluating the piggery and they would not be commenting until, together with the Ministry of Health, they had made a decision on its future.

Although slightly smaller than the Takamoa piggery, the stench of effluent permeated the air, pools of raw sewerage were visible in a taro patch next to the caged pigs and some pigs were tethered in the dried up stream.

With the current dire state of Muri lagoon, many are concerned animal effluent is the cause of the undesirable green algae in the lagoon.


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