Schools to present variety of projects involving lagoons

Tuesday October 20, 2015 Written by Published in Environment
Nukutere College teacher Clark Williams and a handful of the school’s students enjoying the plethora of information at Lagoon Day last year. 15101901 Nukutere College teacher Clark Williams and a handful of the school’s students enjoying the plethora of information at Lagoon Day last year. 15101901

A varied line up of presentations is planned for the annual Lagoon Day event this week, promising a very educational few days.


About 11 school investigation projects will be on display for judging, as well as displays from local expert bodies.

There will also be some displays not up for judging, from students and young people keen to share what they have been doing as agents for positive change in their schools and communities.

On Thursday, students will begin setting up their projects, followed by judges interviewing students and observing their work.

The same morning, at 10am, Lagoon Day will be open to the general public and touring school groups.

The Solution Finders Expo, to be held at the National Auditorium, aims to provide a youth approach to better environmental care for the next 50 years of this nation.

Rutaki Primary School will have a project on display explaining how the banana pseudostem can be used for planting to retain and save water.

Tereora College will talk about energy conversion via steam cars and a solar cooker. People will be able to find out what can travel 1km on just 20ml of fuel and learn more about salt solutions and agricultural impact.

The Araura College Enviro Squad projects include assessments and surveys to better manage solid waste and implement the 5Rs, as well as a school rubbish assessments and a survey of people’s attitudes and actions to reduce solid waste.

The squad will also talk about ways to study, raise awareness and practice the 5 Rs to protect the environment and lagoon.

Visitors to Lagoon Day will also be able to learn about Aitutaki’s “Enviro School” aiming towards zero waste, cultural uses of the environment, coral propagation, working to collect marine data, school gardens and composting, ways to raise awareness and more.

St Joseph’s and Apii Te Uki Ou will both have displays relating to composting and recycling.

The Titikaveka Growers Association will also have a presentation on composting, with many tips for attendees on how to grow better produce.

Pacific Islands Conservation Initiative will present an investigation into our lagoon and it’s impacts in the environment. 

Te Ipukarea Society will be showcasing the ‘Hungry Bin’s’ progress after two years, with 10 new ones on the island going into schools wishing to recycle more than just solid waste.

There will also be displays from kiaTAERIA and Dee Pigneguy, Pacific Resort, Ministry of Marine Resources, the National Environment Service, Marae Moana. The Cook Islands Climate Change Office, the Koutu Nui, the Cook Islands Voyaging Society and WATSAN.

There will also be food vendors, and only biodegradable food ware is allowed.

Lagoon Day will be set up in front of the national auditorium under the domes, an area now known as ‘Puna Korero’ grounds.

Friday Lagoon Day will run 8:30am to 2pm at the National Auditorium. 

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