Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne

Two papas living in a wet tin shed; a mama in a tent – these are the sad sights that are driving plans for a retirement village in Cook Islands.

Do you know the highest government position that lawyer Norman George has ever held? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

Money for students stuck in NZ

Thursday June 04, 2020

Government is to pay support to tertiary students in New Zealand to help them through the Covid crisis.

Who founded GirlBoss? It is a social enterprise that aims to empower women in leadership, entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Be part of today's quiz to find out.

The biggest yellowfin tuna caught yesterday in the Don Beer fishing contest was 28.2kg – do you know what is the all-time record for a yellowfin? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

What is the name of the cat that lives at No 10 Downing Street? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

Top Queen’s Birthday honour recipient counsels Cook Islands and New Zealand governments: we can reopen borders next month.

‘Using maths in real life’

Tuesday June 02, 2020

Three thousand kilometres of ocean and the Covid travel bans haven’t stopped innovative work teaching “a challenging form of maths” to pupils at Cook Islands primary schools.

‘We need tourists, not aid’

Tuesday June 02, 2020

Pressure is mounting for the New Zealand government to make a Pacific bubble a priority along with – or ahead of – opening its borders with Australia.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

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