Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne

Young stars get to shine

Monday August 10, 2020

There was some good running rugby as the youngsters took their chances, despite a sad day at Ngatangiia. 

While the rest of the world locked down against Covid-19, Carlie Paterson and Coral Seath have been spending their days basking in the sun, swimming with the turtles and hiking in the jungle-clad mountains. Not too shabby.

Senior men’s and women’s rugby was cancelled this weekend out of respect for Ngatokorua Ata Piakura, who passed away on Saturday morning.

The cow-dog of Turangi

Monday August 10, 2020

Not so long ago, Tina Maoate got a worried phone-call from the old mama across the road at Turangi.

Drink-drive crash chaos

Sunday August 09, 2020

Police were cleaning up the mess after two drink-drive crashes this weekend.

* New Zealand sending officials to Raro this week to plan air-bridge
* Prime Minister Puna upbeat about Cooks’ readiness for tourists
* But tourism industry ‘disheartened’ at the continued delays

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced her officials will be on the ground in Rarotonga within 10 days to make a plan to reopen the borders.

Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the dropping of a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima – and the 35th anniversary of the signing of the ground-breaking Treaty of Rarotonga that started an international move away from nuclear weapons.

What was the marine mammal stranded on Pukapuka this week? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


Football kicks off next week

Thursday August 06, 2020

With less than a week to go until football season starts in Rarotonga, teams have begun pre-season friendly matches.

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