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Female firefighters enjoy challenge

Thursday October 04, 2018

This job is exciting and stimulating, says Inano Matapo of her role as a volunteer fire fighter at the Teimurimotia Volunteer Fire Brigade in Titikaveka.

Almost ready to open

Monday October 01, 2018

The children at Imanuela Akatemia Christian School in Ngatangiia are exercising great amounts of self-control, as they wait for their brand new playground to be finished and made safe.

Pyjama day at Blackrock Preschool

Monday October 01, 2018

Recently children and staff from Blackrock Preschool came in their pyjamas.  It was part of a fun day “to add a bit of variety and excitement to our week.

Raemaru trek goes digital

Monday October 01, 2018

The popular Raemaru trek is going digital as part of World Tourism Day.

Water safety in the spotlight

Monday October 01, 2018

Rules and regulations around tourism operators are coming, says director of Destination Development Cook Islands Tourism Metua Vaiimene, “and we must get ready as a community and as operators for this by adopting a culture of compliance now”.

Tangi Taime carves pearl shells into exquisite sculptures of sea life.

De-sexing drive well supported

Saturday September 29, 2018

Cook Islands Tourism director of destination development Metua Vaiimene says tourism is right behind the de-sexing programme taking place at Te Are Manu.

Sowing seeds to little growers

Saturday September 29, 2018

The Agricultural department deals in everything from pests and weeds to growing food.

"Goodbye Monash. We give our love back to you for teaching us,” said a sign at Nukutere College during the farewell of three student teachers on Friday, and judging by the tears shed at the ceremony, the feeling was mutual.

Boomerang bags come back

Thursday September 27, 2018

In a small New Zealand town, women’s groups have taken to their sewing machines producing plastic bag replacements, called boomerang bags.

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