Melina Etches

Melina Etches

As this country emerges from Code Yellow restrictions, the RSA has invited people to acknowledge their hard-fought freedoms by laying wreaths at the Cenotaph.

Few in Aitutaki resist curfew

Thursday April 23, 2020

Curfews on Aitutaki are being renewed despite Cook Islands being declared free of Covid-19.

Mysterious bites

Wednesday April 22, 2020

Blissfulness turns to sharp pain, as woman gets attacked by mysterious fish.

$1000 Vaka Pride prize will help kopu restore marae.

Avana is abuzz as the ature arrive

Saturday April 18, 2020

Ngatangiia is blessed with schools of ature bait fish swarming into its harbour to escape predatory bigger fish such as tuna – only to find themselves at the mercy of delighted locals.

Fijian and Indonesian nationals who have found themselves out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, volunteered and assisted with the Operation Namu clean up in their Ruatonga, Avatiu, Panama, Atupa constituency.

Easter Weekend will be a sombre affair on the island of Omoka, in Penrhyn.

Three households in the village of Tautu on Aitutaki has completed their 14 days of isolation without any issues.

The disappearance of the country’s tourists has forced Cook’s Buses to drastically reduced their schedule, cancelling their anti-clockwise service and Sunday run.

Lockdown in NZ hospital

Monday April 06, 2020

Tupapa’s Julia Evans flew from Rarotonga to Christchurch to give birth to their baby. By the time she went into labour, Christchurch was going into full lockdown.

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