Resort offers new perspective on art

Saturday May 30, 2020 Written by Published in Education
Selwyn Short with the artwork . 20052904 Selwyn Short with the artwork . 20052904

A top resort opened its doors this week to art students from the nearby school.

Titikaveka college art students had the opportunity to see work internationally-renowned Pacific artist Fatu Feu’u – artwork usually only seen up close by guests at one of the country’s top adults-only resorts.

This week, the Royale Takitumu resort’s owner opened the door to show the students Feu’u’s work paintings and carving. His imposing and bold Toa Savili sculpture stands overlooking the entrance of the property in Titikaveka.

The students were impressed. Art pupil Cecilia Emile took her time to look over the pieces on show, “I love art because you can draw anything that comes to mind.”

Kimberly Uini, Cecilia Emile, Kiani Hand, Malachy Glassie, Selwyn Short and Tana Parima stand with majestic Toa Savili sculpture by  Pacifika artist, Fatu Feu’u. 20052903

Another student Selwyn Short, enjoyed seeing the different original art pieces.

Art teacher Linn-Magnhild Valderaune said: “For the students to see original art is very important, as well as getting to know the work of Feu’u, who work closely to his roots of Samoa.

“The main goals are to get the students to recognise elements and start talking about art, getting to know and practicing art vocabulary, which, hopefully, will give them a new perspective on art, and make them more conscious in their own creativity.”

She thanked the resort’s managers, Tim Meyer and Lucille Moreaux, for the opportunity.

“This was a golden opportunity for the students to see original art, not just in a book.”

The class has made simple frames with wood donated by CITC, and fabric to make their canvasses.

The class will also study works by Sylvia Marsters and Mahiriki Tangaroa.

Feu’u is a senior Pasifika artist in New Zealand who founded the Tautai pacific Arts Trust 35 years ago to support artists from the islands.

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