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Tuesday March 03, 2020 Written by Published in Education
Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown with the To Tatou Vai team. 20030202b Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown with the To Tatou Vai team. 20030202b

Tereora College students can now do internships with the Rarotonga water authority following an agreement between the two organisations.


Brent Manning, the outgoing chief executive officer of To Tatou Vai, said this landmark agreement would allow interested students an opportunity to secure future employment with the company.

Manning, who presented $500 to set up this internship programme, said he was personally involved in this initiative.

The programme came into effect just over a fortnight ago.

“We have established a relationship and agreement with local Tereora College whereby we have set up an internship programme where students from this school can work here during their holidays,” Manning said.

“They could be science students learning towards areas of science we specialise in, our laboratory for example. They can come work here in holidays and if they like it, they have the opportunity to come and work for us with some sort of scholarship and graduate scheme accompanying that.”

The other initiative set up by To Tatou Vai under Manning’s leadership is a partnership between the company and Watercare in New Zealand.

Through this partnership, To Tatou Vai staff can go and train in Auckland. The local water company can also bring people from Watercare to advise and assist them with certain projects.

Manning said two of their customer service staff has been seconded to Watercare in January, learning the nature of the customer relationship.

To Tatou Vai is now headed by Greg Longman, who officially started his two year tenure this week.

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