Lead by example, prefects urged

Saturday February 15, 2020 Written by Published in Education
The newly inducted Titikaveka College 2020 prefects. 20021422. The newly inducted Titikaveka College 2020 prefects. 20021422.

New inducted school prefects receive timely advice from a former class leader. 


Titikaveka College prefects were reminded the true meaning of leadership at their induction ceremony yesterday.

Guest speaker Heimata Herman, who is a New Zealand-based research assistant, shared her journey and experiences as a former class captain with the students.

Herman, a PhD student at University of Auckland, served as prefect during her primary school days at Avatea School.

“Who we are speaks much louder than the words people say, inspire those around you to follow your good behavior,” Herman told the prefects.

“Being a prefect is about representing the students of your school; look after each other and help guide the younger students to being the best that they want to be.

“You don’t have to be perfect or know everything, you may make mistakes or have self-doubt at times. Just know that those are normal things people go through.

“Being tough doesn’t always mean you are going to be a good leader, always practice kindness, and always be warm and kind to those around you.”

Herman encouraged the students not to be discouraged if they slip up.

“Making mistakes is sometimes how we learn best and remember your teachers; your fellow students and your families believe that you are capable of serving the school to the best of your abilities.”

Accepting the badge of a prefect does come with a lot of other responsibilities such as balancing your commitment with your studies, family and friends, said Herman.

She urged the students to take time out to look after themselves.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, if the pressure gets too much, talk to your parents and friends to help you through.

“Mentors are all around you and asking for help when needed, helps make you a good leader.”

Head student leader Nukumaeaea Mokoroa is honoured and privileged to receive the role.

“It’s a big responsibility and I’d like to thank my mama and papa for supporting me through the tough times. Thank you to all the invited guests, and I wish all the women a happy Valentine’s Day.”
Teau Maui, the school’s deputy head student leader, is looking forward to her role.

Maui wants to focus on helping out the younger students and assist the teachers to ease their burden.

The Titikaveka 2020 prefects are: Papa Epa Tangimetua, Clotilda Moetaua and Kimberly Lucky Uini.Baila Moana Tua, Matamaru Hosking-Tekoronga, Mareta Matamaki, Mark Ngapare, Nathaneal Atera, Temarii Jubilee and Tony Robert. Head student leader – Nukumaeaea Mokoroa, Deputy Head student leader – Teau Maui.





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