Arorangi Dux gives advice: ‘Never stop trying’

Friday December 06, 2019 Written by Published in Education
*Niki Smith, Dux of Apii Arorangi, with her dad Francis and nanna Fenny. 191205112 *Niki Smith, Dux of Apii Arorangi, with her dad Francis and nanna Fenny. 191205112

The journey through school may look long for juniors, but it’s over before you know it – so embrace it. 


Niki Smith was overwhelmed to receive the Apii Arorangi Year Dux of 2019 trophy.

“I'm very happy, I've worked hard and have enjoyed my years of education here since Grade 6,” the 13-year-old said.

Smith offered words of encouragement to younger pupils: “Never stop trying, don't let anyone put you down, and study hard.

“It’s wonderful what our school has done for us, in shaping our lives.

“To the teachers, thank you for your nurture and care, and to the younger kids, the journey of school may seem long but I promise you, before you know it, you'll be sitting in this front row wondering where the years have gone.”

She acknowledged the school and class mates who have been by her side through her years at primary school.

Year 4 awards:

Overall best attendance Rimaongo Teiho

Most improved Apao Smith

2nd runner-up academic student Rimaongo Teiho and Parekura Phillip

1st runner-up academic student Victoriano Anselmo and Kurangi Murare

Overall academic student Edon Teraitua.

Year 5 awards:

Best attendance Lana Aperau Toa

Most Improved Nanny Aurupa and Tangi Tangapiri

2nd runner-up academic student Niva Malcolm

1st runner-up academic student Lana Aperau Toa and Lahaina Henry

Overall academic student Teraipoia Heather

Year 6 Intermediate awards:

Best attendance Teremoko Tiputoa

Most Improved Jacob Rea/Allan Murare

Runner-up senior sports girl Alexia Kareroa

Senior sports girl Danielle Arona

Runner-up senior sports boy Tana Raina

Senior sports boy Augustine Teraitua

2nd-equal runners-up academic students Hiriaterau Pitomaki and Lareina Makirere

2nd runner-up Dux Hiriaterau Pitomaki and Lareina Makirere, intermediate

1st runner-up academic student Ltvea Lupelause Hewette

1st runner up Dux Ltvea Lupelause Hewette, intermediate

Overall academic student for Year 6 Sera Tuivaga

Intermediate Overall Dux for Apii Arorangi Sera Tuivaga.

Senior Awards Year 7:

Best attendance Jeremiah Kaimarama

Most Improved Rangi Teau

2nd runner-up academic student Taeanga Kokoria

1st runner-up academic student Genesis Atai, Year 7

Overall academic student Jeremiah Kaimarama.

Principal’s Award:

Niki Smith and Teupoko Tuariki received the trophy that is awarded to the student who meets the values of Apii Arorangi through tough times, has a never give up attitude, academic, is respectful, organised, resourcefulness, humble, caring, goal oriented and has integrity.

Senior special awards Year 8:

Best attendance Teupoko Tuariki

Most improved Rowland Mateyawa

Runner-up senior sports girl Teupoko Tuariki

Senior sports girl Niki Smith

Runner-up senior sports boy Daniel Koteka

Senior sports boy Rowland Mateyawa

2nd runner-up academic student TeAtarua Raina

2nd runner up Dux TeAtarua Raina

1st runner-up academic student Teupoko Tuariki

1st runner up Dux Teupoko Tuariki

Overall academic student Niki Smith, Dux for Apii Arorangi 2019 Niki Smith.



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