Kids page: Manihiki’s pearls of wisdom

Saturday August 17, 2019 Written by Published in Education
Teachers  Nga Taio and Emma Kaitara with their students. 19081617 Teachers Nga Taio and Emma Kaitara with their students. 19081617

This week Cook Islands News reached out to Apii Ruamanu in Manihiki, the students are happy to share their aspirations with us.


Principal of Apii Ruamanu, Anna Rauru says the children are well, and excited to be featured in the newspaper.

The following students reveal their ideal dream careers.

Zakaio Uea, 11, Year 6: My favourite subject is Arts and Crafts. I’d like to be an Artist or Carver when I grow up. The most special thing about my Island is the beautiful lagoon and the sea bed of paua.

Nga Elisa, 11, Year 6: The subjects I love are Art and Life Skills. I am very good at art and enjoy being creative and using different colours. Life Skills teaches me how to cook, bake, sew and do patchwork. After my school years I want to be a policewoman and help young people. People are very special on my island.

Jumaney Samuel, 12, Year 7: I like languages, so I love learning English and Maori, these subjects help me in my education, especially knowing how to read, write and improve my oral skills. I want to help people, after I leave school I’d like to be a nurse.

Miriama Pataviri, 14, Year 10: Maths, Art, Science and English all interest me. I enjoy these subjects because they will prepare me well for my dream career as an Architect. Our island has many beautiful motus that surrounds us, Manihiki is paradise.

Teremoana Tere, 13, Year 9: I want to become an accountant so I’m working hard at English, Maths, Social Studies and Science. We are very friendly people and we have small loving communities in Tauhunu and Tukao, we all look out for each other so we are safe.         

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