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Mitiaro school roll stable

Tuesday February 05, 2019 Written by Published in Education
Mitiaro Tematangarengare School’s 2019 students. 19020427 Mitiaro Tematangarengare School’s 2019 students. 19020427

The island of Mitiaro’s Tematangarengare School roll for 2019 currently stands at 34, slightly less than last year’s count of 36 students.


Principal of the school, Christopher Story says a few pupils have moved to Rarotonga, with a student currently on scholarship for NCEA Level 1 and 2.

The school has three trained teachers, a trained Inclusive Education teacher, with a relieving teacher on standby if a teacher is required to attend Professional Development in Rarotonga or internationally.

Apii Tematangarengare opened their first assembly session last Friday morning singing the chorus “We are a chosen generation to be able to give thanks and praise to our God who is the highest educator of all.”

Story says: “Rightfully our children are a chosen generation and therefore to help them not fall by the wayside, we as teachers, parents and guardians must support our children to be admirable.

“It is our duty as parents, teachers and guardians to be steadfast and assist them for a brighter future.”

The educators of the school are: Grade 1 to 3 - Teremoana Pukeiti, Grades 4 to 6 - Maora Murare, and Secondary Level Form 1 (Year 7) to Form 5 (Year 11) – Principal, Christopher Story.

“The teachers are to be complimented as teaching multi-level classes or composite classes can be challenging,” says Story.

The Year 11 Level 1 course is conducted online, whereby the students receive instructions on the subjects of Maths, English, Science, Geography (Dual Enrolment) and Cook Island Maori through correspondence.

One of the new initiatives the school is anticipating on for the year is the Cook Islands Maori class; Story says: “I look forward to further discussions with the Maori Head of Department and Principal of Tereora, that our students are able to achieve a 5th subject for NCEA Level 1, as this is our Maori language.”

On behalf of the students and teachers of Apii Mitiaro Tematangarengare, Story would like to express their good wishes to every school in the Cook Islands for a successful 2019 and many blessings throughout the year.


Last week Apii Arorangi had 170 kids enrolled ranging from preschool to Year 8, not the 70 as reported in the CI News.

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