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USP Plus events well-received

Monday January 07, 2019 Written by Published in Education

A recent survey asking for people’s thoughts regarding the future of USP Plus has sent the clear message that its monthly meetings should continue, says Professor John Hay.


Hay, who moderates the meetings held by USP Plus at the University of the South Pacific campus, says people clearly gave time and thought to their responses.

Replies indicated that the emphasis should continue focus on providing a forum for successful but low profile Cook Islanders to share their knowledge and wisdom, he says.

Suggestions had included placing less emphasis on an individual speaker and more on a topic of wide public interest, and it had also been suggested that each meeting should have at least two speakers who would provide the basis for the informed discussions which would follow their presentations.

Other ideas had ranged from making more effort to encourage the attendance and active participation of youth, to making a video of each meeting.

“I found the insights into the various speakers invaluable - their perspectives, including the development of the Cook Islands and Cook Islanders,” one respondent said.

“Ordinary people who've done some extraordinary things, almost all very passionate about the development of this country.

Another person who answered the survey said USP Plus provided a close-up view of the featured speaker, their interests and skills, their passions and the person behind their public face.

“Excellent, robust, wide-ranging, topical,” another respondent said, while another added, “I think it is a great initiative and the speakers always have interesting stories to share.”

USP Plus was launched in February 2017. The inaugural speaker was Professor Emeritus Jon Jonassen, who used a multi-media presentation to describe his personal and professional journeys through life.

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