Prizegiving at AOG

Friday December 07, 2018 Written by Published in Education

Imanuela Akatemia school held their prizegiving on Wednesday at the Arepua Gateway Assembly of God (AOG) hall in Takuvaine.



Sportsman of the year - Elijah Rani, sportswoman of the year - Tehinnah Tatuava, Inter-house sport award - Gideon.

Maori Language awards: Most outstanding primary student Years 2 to 6 - Joel Mateariki, Most outstanding intermediate student - Temarii Jubilee, Most outstanding secondary student - Tehinnah Tatuava.                              

Special awards: Most Promising in Visual Arts - Selai Engu, Most Promising Musician - Hanna Finau, Best in Creative Writing and Speech - Kimberly Tangirere, Best in Health - Christoffer Mariri-Tepou.          

Highly commended primary student - Nan Raikatalau, Most improved primary student – Tatiana Laurie, Most improved intermediate student - Hereatea F. Taiarui-Mau, Most improved senior student - Christoffer Mariri-Tepou.                               

Christian character awards: Pre-Reading - Benjamin Mateariki, ABC - Samantafa Vamarasi, Highly commended - Luke Mateariki, Highly commended Tanu-Apa Short, Primary - Elaijie Vamara, Intermediate - Twina Tangirere, Senior -Kimberly Tangirere.                        

General excellence awards: Most outstanding pre-reading student award - Joape Ravula, Highly commended - William Aviu and Kevin Aviu; Most outstanding ABC student award - Solange Jubilee, Highly commended - Vasiti Daniel and Avaiki Vamarasi. General excellence primary award - Juhani Kauvai-Mustonen, Primary Highly commended - William Rani, General excellence Intermediate award - Twina Tangirere, General excellence Senior award - Jane Chand.  

Yesterday (Thursday) a team of two teachers, four parents and 11 students departed for Sydney, Australia. They will attend the South Pacific Convention hosted by the School Provider Southern Cross Educational Enterprise Ltd.

This event is held every second year when all the schools in the South Pacific region meet to participate in friendly competitions in various categories such as sports, arts, music, platform and scripture.     

Photos in tomorrow’s CINews.                  

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