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Plans to revive teachers’ union

Tuesday September 11, 2018 Written by Published in Education

A teachers’ union meeting, to be held this Wednesday will be the first of its kind for many years.


The meeting will be hosted by Titikaveka teacher Luisa Tongatoma and starts at 5pm in classrooms one and two at the USP building.

Four women from teaching backgrounds have joined forces to revive the old union, which was formed around the early 1960s.

Says Tongatoma: “This will be the first step in reinstalling the institution. It’s a chance for all teachers to come together in one place.”

She is joined by teaching staff members Ngatokorua Charlie, Helen Paulo and Ngatokoa Teinangaro.

 “We want to encourage teachers to jump on board and join the union, become part of a group where ideas can be talked about and issues raised,” Tongatoma says.

“We want to call everyone back into the group, so that we can reorganise ourselves, look at where we are going, what is important, become a voice.”