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Monday September 10, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Apii Arorangi staff Rhys Evans and Mama Pukeiti alongside prize winners Danika Ataera and Victoria Fatiaki. 18090727 Apii Arorangi staff Rhys Evans and Mama Pukeiti alongside prize winners Danika Ataera and Victoria Fatiaki. 18090727

To close Literacy Week on Friday, the country’s best young writers were honoured at a special ceremony.

This year’s creative writing competition run by the Ministry of Education was based on the book ‘Cook Islands Heroes’, authored by New Zealand teacher David Riley.

Ministry of Education literacy advisor Jessica Le Bas said at the ceremony on Friday that it was a pleasure to see so many stories written about family members as the student’s heroes.

“Sometimes it is not something that kids will share to their family members, so it’s nice to be able to have these stories that reflect their special relationships.”

Prizes were handed out for the best works in both English and Maori, with CINews columnist Thomas Wynne and the Ministry of Education’s Rachel Smith judging the English competition, and Vae Papatua and Anna Roumanu taking care of the Maori stories.

Le Bas said the competition overall was an improvement on last year, with the number of entries having doubled.

“In particular our Year 7-8 competition had over 100 entries, so those who were chosen in the top five means they have done exceptionally well,” she said.

CINews will be publishing some of the winning stories over the next few weeks.


Year 7-8 Maori: Highly commended: Jorayna Samuel, Apii Enuamanu; Mairata Mahana Newnham, Apii Avarua. Third place: Jomase Touna, Apii Enuamanu. Second place: Victoria Fatiaki, Apii Arorangi. First place: Teau Hermann Tuaivi, Apii Nikao.

Year 7-8 English: Highly commended: Teau Hermann Tuaivi, Apii Nikao; Danika Ataera, Apii Arorangi. Third place: Teakatauria Tamaka, Apii Mauke. Second place: Maiata Mahana Newnham, Apii Avarua. First place: Manea Ave, Nukutere College.

Year 9-10 Maori: Highly commended: Jacquelene Boaza, Apii Enuamanu; Grace Taiti Tororma, Papaaroa Adventist School. Third place: Jaidyn Tura, Apii Mauke. Second place : Rimakatau Ruarau, Niua School. First place: Aumai Teiotu, Apii Enuamanu.

Year 9-10 English: Highly commended: Coroner Rubena, Niua School; David Cork, Titikaveka College. Third place: Hannah Hosea, Papaaroa Adventist School. Second place: Ethan Caleb Dixon, Nukutere College. First place: Aumai Teiotu, Apii Enuamanu.

Year 11-13 Maori: Third place - Anthony Pirra, Niua School. Second place - Mason Tapoki, Apii Mauke. First place - Ngatokorua Tuakanangaro, Apii Mauke.

Year 11-13 English: Third place - Mason Tapoki, Apii Mauke. Second place - Ngatokorua Oti, Apii Mauke. First place - Anthony Piira, Niua School.

The Moana Gems Awards for Excellence - Maori: Ngatokorua Tuakanangaro, Apii Mauke, English - Aumai Teiotu, Apii Enuamanu.

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