Nukutere cultural comp huge success

Thursday July 19, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Reeana Aviu enjoying herself on stage for John Rodgers house on Tuesday night. 18071805 Reeana Aviu enjoying herself on stage for John Rodgers house on Tuesday night. 18071805

With Te Maeva Nui celebrations just around the corner, Nukutere College students took part in their annual cultural competition on Tuesday night.


Students from each of the four houses – John Rodgers, Edmund Rice, Bernadine Castine and Peter Chanel – all showed off their hard work and dedication as each performed for the large crowd in attendance as part of the Nukutere Maeva Nui.

The competition has been hosted in previous years at the St Joseph’s Hall, but school principal Delaney Yaqona said it was shifted to the market stage after a request from parents.

“They requested we use a larger venue,” explained Yaqona. “A lot of hard work went into the preparation for the competition and I would like to thank our staff and our parents for all their contributions.”

Yaqona said that as principal he felt the night was a huge success, something that made him very proud to lead the school.

Peu Maori head of department Tatari Mitchell said the students “gave their heart and soul to their culture”.

Mitchell said each of the houses were judged on their use of the Maori language, creativity of their performances, the flow between each of their three items, and their costume creations.

Judging each performance were Tereapii Enua, Vae Papatua and Alan Rua.

Taking out the overall competition was John Rodgers house, who claimed the title from Peter Chanel house, who had previously won the first two editions of the competition.

Bernadine Castine came in second, Peter Chanel third, and Edmund Rice were in fourth place.

Food stalls were also available for those in attendance, with the money raised going towards the Catholic Youth team that is going to the World Youth Pilgrimage in Panama later this year.

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