Students free to create own work

Thursday July 05, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Students free to create own work

To end their art rotation class for the first half of the year, Tereora College Year 9 students have proudly shown off some of the creations they have made.

Under the tutelage of teacher Tarona Daniela, the students were given free rein on what to produce, with no specific guidelines to work around.

“Since I am a maths teacher who has once again picked up an art class, I just feel these kids are young enough to be just given an open canvas,” Daniela said. “I let them decide and feel what they (wanted to) create so they can really enjoy their art.”

One of the more striking pieces was a carving created by Mara Adamu, which included the Tereora College logo and motto in the centre.

Mara said he had thoroughly enjoyed the class and the ability to show off his carving skills, which were a big part of his family life.

Daniela said he was pleased with what his students created and said it was all about pushing them out of their comfort zones.

“All the creations were done by themselves, with limited help from their parents. Hopefully this first taste of art here at high school will see a few of them continue to pursue it during the rest of their time at Tereora College.”

For the next art rotation in the second half of the year, Daniela said he will adopt the same strategy and see what the next lot of students can come up with.


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