Takitumu gears up for cultural contest

Monday June 18, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Atera Atera chops wood for an umu at Takitumu Primary last weekend. Atera Atera chops wood for an umu at Takitumu Primary last weekend.

Term 2 at Takitumu Primary is focused on preparing for the annual Highland Paradise cultural competition to be held in the last week of school.


The competition involves all the primary schools on the island and requires students to show their skills across umu-making, weaving and showing their flair with island drumming and string bands.

As part of their preparations the students have practiced pe’e, weaving, drumming and ukulele-playing and have prepared two separate umus, both of which required having a sleepover at school.

Principal Carly Ave said the staff and students are looking forward to the competition.

“The students are all working really hard on learning these new skills, all of which have to be completed independently without the help of teachers or parents”.

As a way of linking this to classroom learning, the senior syndicate have been learning about procedural writing, specifically how to write recipes and a step-by-step instructional guide to umu-making.

Ave said the students were enjoying learning traditional skills but also gaining an understanding of how to share them using modern technology.

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