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Thursday May 17, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Tongan artist Tevita Latu created a piece during an art class yesterday morning at Tereora College. 18051612a Tongan artist Tevita Latu created a piece during an art class yesterday morning at Tereora College. 18051612a

As part of the 2018 Putahi Ono Kuki Arani “art gathering”, several visiting artists from countries around the South Pacific went to Tereora College yesterday morning to share their artistic backgrounds and experience with the next generation of artists.

The group spoke to two classes, Level 1 and Level 3.

Tahitian artist Herenui Garbutt started the morning off by speaking about her experiences studying at the Centre des Métiers d’Art de la Polynésie Française where she is currently in her second year of a diploma.

Garbutt spoke about the different mixed media she has studied as part of her course, as well as the different Polynesian influences they learn about.

Garbutt studies alongside fellow artist Theo Souvergain, and they are both shell, stone and wood carvers.

Representing Aotearoa were artists Donn and Aimee Ratana, both teachers, who also chatted to the students.

Aimee talked to the class about her photography work. The students were fascinated by her use of photography in conjunction with Photoshop to help create the final product, as photography is unfortunately not a subject offered in the art course at Tereora.

Both Donn and Aimee talked to the students about some of the tertiary art courses that are available in New Zealand, as possible options for them to further their skills and their craft at the end of their time at Tereora College.

Tongan artist Tevita Latu spoke of his artistic influences in his work.

“I use what I enjoy: skateboarding, surfing, the music I listen to, lots of hip-hop and I put that into what I create.

“Artists I look up to are people like (Pablo) Picaso and Basquiat.”

Latu then gave the level 1 class a chance to watch him create a piece in front of them, using student Richard Teava as his model.

The eager and engaged students were then given the task of creating a similar piece using their fellow classmates.

All the artists invited both students in both classes to come and visit them at the Atiu Hostel while the art gathering continues. They told the pupils they would be able to see how the creations are made as well as possibly do a collaborative artwork with one of the visiting artists.

Aimee Ratana also invited the Level 3 class students to visit the hostel and possibly model for one of the pieces she is creating for the group’s final exhibition.

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