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Special places for St Joseph’s students

Monday March 05, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Year 5 students pictured during their social science lesson. 13030201. Year 5 students pictured during their social science lesson. 13030201.

Students in Year 5 of St Joseph’s Primary School are excited to be starting a new topic this term for their social science subject.


‘My special place’, was introduced to the students on Thursday this week and Year 5 teacher Savenace Tukitoba began the topic by encouraging the pupils to write about their favourite place in the Cook Islands.

“It is important for the students to understand the history and past of their culture,” he said.

Pupils had a range of special places that they each wrote about.

Ten year olds Teresa Kaukura and Timi Kiriau said their special place was the Avatiu Harbour.

“I like going there to swim and jump off the wharf, but I just don’t like the fishes, the black eels and drowning,” Timi said.

Student Melody Tommy began writing about her special place Atiu.

“I like Atiu, because my cousins and friends live there,” she said.

Melody has been to Atiu four times, and enjoys the caves, swimming and spending time with her family.

“It is so much fun in Atiu, and it is special to me,” she said.

Like most young children, Elle Eli said her favourite place is the beach.

“My special place is the Muri lagoon because I enjoy playing in the waters there. I usually go there with my family,” she said.

Tukitoba finished the lesson by sharing factual information about the Cook Islands with his students.

He said awareness of culture is important as it keeps values, identity and beliefs protected.

“Cultural roots are the foundation of uniqueness,” he said. “If the students understand Cook Islands values and what makes us special, then they can treasure their heritage and where they came from.”       

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