New school building nearly complete

Tuesday February 27, 2018 Written by Published in Education
The main corridor inside the new Nikao school building. 18022203 The main corridor inside the new Nikao school building. 18022203

Anticipation is rising as the new school buildings for Apii Nikao near full completion.


All roof systems have been installed including doors, windows and protective screens. Internal and external walls have been plastered and painted, internal floors have been grinded and polished and floors within the administration and bathroom areas have been tiled. Electrical fixtures such as lights, ceiling fans and air extractors are in place.

Air conditioning units are installed in warranted areas such as the principal and deputy principal’s office, staff room, conference room and teacher resource rooms.

For ease of future maintenance, those responsible for the upkeep of the school were shown how to operate these fixtures as well as other electrical equipment sourced from China.

Solar panels for power generation, a pillared-concrete fencing system and water tanks have been installed to make the school more resilient to climate change.

These panels have been installed on the eastern roof to capture maximum sunlight.

Solar batteries have been supplied to alleviate pressure on the public supply of electricity and making the buildings more self-sufficient.

The new learning spaces have been fitted with a range of colourful and ergonomic furniture that support flexible teaching and learning practices.

These will be arranged by staff before the buildings are ready for occupation in Term 2.

All storage units for school supplies created by Prestige Furnishings and stainless steel cabinet units fabricated by Nikao Beach Sheetmetal Ltd will be installed within the next few weeks.

Seven gas stoves have been delivered to the food technology room and from Term 2, senior students will be able to develop their cooking skills within a commercial-like environment. This opportunity will help make the transition from primary to secondary school almost seamless.

Along with new and improved learning facilities, the school received 16 new laptops with accessories.

These are currently in the hands of the Ministry of Education who will programme the laptops with necessary software.

External work is progressing well.

A staff carpark located near the main road is complete and lamps have been installed in the area and throughout the school for added security.

The carpark will be fenced for the safety of children around the area.

Demolition of what remains of the old Apii Nikao is underway.

When cleared, the area will be transformed into an outdoor play area for children attending early childhood education (ECE).

The only part of the school that will be retained is the grave next to the buildings.

Top soil has been spread around the buildings to facilitate the growth of grass.

Another coat of paint will be applied to the fence protecting children from traffic along Tapatea road.

A small section on the Avatea field has been left open to support the relocation of temporary rooms that were used to accommodate senior students.

Once relocated, the wall will be closed off.

Of the 100 labourers who worked tirelessly to deliver a new Apii Nikao, seven remain onsite to complete touch up works.

Labourers and management staff began their return journey home last month to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their families.

A select few will return to ensure that the buildings are ready for occupation and handover before Term 2.

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