St Joseph’s perfect prefects

Monday February 19, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Prefect Matthew Tererui watching out for his nephew Moko during lunchtime. 18021423 Prefect Matthew Tererui watching out for his nephew Moko during lunchtime. 18021423

St Joseph Primary School’s newly appointed prefects have enjoyed their first full week in their new leadership role.


On Thursday last week, 18 Year 6 students were selected to be school prefects, and five students were chosen as school leaders.

Principal Kathy Nubono said the school leaders’ responsibilities include monitoring the library, sports teams and the school bell.

Year 6 teacher Helena Tiere said a prefect’s role was to ensure that each of the students are taken care of.

Prefect Emma Papalii said she has had an awesome week taking care of the children in the classroom she has been assigned too.

“We have to keep them entertained, play with them, read them stories and help them with their schoolwork,” she said.

Another prefect Teuraarii Macquarie, said they have to help monitor the playground and make sure that everyone is playing nicely together.

Meanwhile, the prefects continue to focus on their schoolwork and are on their way to achieving their goals.

Emma said this year she aims to talk less and work harder.

“I want to be self-disciplined and concentrate on my schoolwork,” she said.

Teuraarii and Teura said their aim is to improve in all of their subjects at school.

Youngsters Teresa Kaukura and Katherine Lowry said they are enjoying school because their favourite subject is maths.

“I like maths because I am always the clever one in my class. My dad used to be a maths teacher and that’s why I am so good,” Teresa said.

Katherine said everybody in her family loves maths and she does too.

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