‘Diversity’ college theme for the year

Tuesday February 06, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Titikaveka students embraced their culture this week as they learnt to make kikau brooms. 18020201 Titikaveka students embraced their culture this week as they learnt to make kikau brooms. 18020201

Students wearing freshly-ironed uniforms were welcomed back to Titikaveka College on Monday to begin the new school year.


Principal Gaylyn Lockington said seeing the many beautiful faces arrive at school made the first formal assembly for the year extra-special.

School teachers were well prepared for the year after a week-long professional development workshop.

“We have made some changes to how we can make the most of the year, so the new initiatives and strategies we intend to run for the year better prepare our students for learning,” Lockington said.

The teachers agreed their teaching theme for the year would be “diversity” and each school term will have a sub-theme guided by the National Sustainable Development Plan.

Term 1 is devoted to health and wellbeing, term 2 welfare and equity, term 3 culture, and term 4 the ocean, lagoon and marine resources.

To start the year, the school has themed each day of this week. Monday was an orientation day, where students got to know each other and the school facilities and what they offer.

Tuesday was based on administration, where the students learned about the school’s expectations.

Lockington said they discussed how students could fit in and deal with bullying and unwanted incidents.

Wednesday was centred around fitness and guest speakers addressed this topic with the students and teachers.

Thursday was culture day where students learnt how to make kikau brooms and compose an item which they then performed for the rest of the school.

Friday was a fun day where the students simply enjoyed each other’s company.

This year, the school has had 35 new enrolments, increasing the roll to 90 students.

Lockington said the teachers had agreed their main focus this year would be to add value to each student’s life.

“One of our goals for 2018 is to make Titikaveka College a fun, safe and educational institute where our children can explore and excel in their areas of strength.”

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