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Your chance to develop new skills

Thursday January 25, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Staff of Pacific Resort Rarotonga were proud recipients of achievement certificates in various courses last year. 18012219 Staff of Pacific Resort Rarotonga were proud recipients of achievement certificates in various courses last year. 18012219

The Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) is offering new courses and programmes this year, which are available to people of any age who want to gain qualifications and develop new skills.


Director Caroline Medway-Smith said CITTI has introduced a new institute of leadership and management programme, with papers at level two and level three, and an award in human resources.
“We also have accreditation to deliver a City and Guilds barbering programme and a patisserie course,” she said.

“We are offering refrigeration and air conditioning and welding which are block courses.”

Qualifications for all trades (automotive, electrical, plumbing, gas fitting, building and construction), will now be known as New Zealand Certificates rather than NZ National Certificates.
CITTI is expecting a good number of enrolments for its courses this year and Medway-Smith says qualifications can lead to higher levels of learning, either with CITTI, USP or overseas.
CITTI’s programme accreditation is in line with NZQA and “City and Guilds”. 
“Our continued education programmes don’t necessarily lead to a qualification, but what they offer is a range of affordable exciting learning advancements for our community here on Rarotonga and the Pa Enua.”
This year, CITTI is offering electrical, building and construction courses in Atiu and Mangaia to both school and tertiary students. 
Level one and two hospitality courses will be available in Atiu with level one offered in Mangaia. 
A range of education programmes are also on the table in Pukapuka, Penrhyn, Aitutaki, Atiu and Mangaia.  
“This year we will see if there is a need to put a CITTI broker on Mauke to run courses and work with the high school,” Medway-Smith said.
CITTI offers inclusive education catering to all walks of life, she added.
“We want to be able to offer courses which meet the needs of the community and offer affordable learning across all our programmes.
“We pride ourselves in having subject experts delivering our programmes.”
CITTI has no age restrictions and Medway-Smith said if they can inspire anyone of any age, then they are meeting their aim of building the knowledge and skills of the people of the Cook Islands.
“The beauty of our offerings is that they open so many different avenues for people.”
Medway-Smith said the value of learning through CITTI meant that people could remain living at home, keeping families together and allowing students to stay involved in their churches and sports communities.
“It’s minimum disruption, maximum gain.”

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