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New course for leaders

Thursday January 25, 2018 Written by Published in Education
The new leadership and management course is expected to attract a number of people from business and hospitality industries. 18011612 The new leadership and management course is expected to attract a number of people from business and hospitality industries. 18011612

A new leadership and management course is being launched by the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI).


It is being organised through the institute’s relationship with the City and Guilds of London Institute.

The course, available to people of any age, aims to help both new and seasoned leaders to become better at developing employees, inspiring and guiding teams, managing change, and leading people and teams effectively. CITTI director Caroline Medway-Smith says it will offer a blended model of learning using face-to-face classroom learning and e-learning to access the educational curriculum outside of the traditional classroom.

“The course will also use Futura, an online programme that will support the students in their learning through various activities and it is very user-friendly.”

Younger students are likely to be much more up to speed with online learning than older people, Medway-Smith says.

“Older people, are not always tech-savvy, but our tutors are there to support our learners and it has proved itself in other courses.”

Medway-Smith says students of all ages eventually tend to enjoy learning using new technology.

“It gives them a good foundation when they go overseas, because in other countries it is all about e-learning.”

Leadership and management course tutor Taa Pera says the course will be delivered at three levels, giving students the opportunity to learn new leadership skills by working through a series of practical leadership assignments.

“We are able to offer the effective supervisory management for level one which is a taster for those that are new to supervising.”

Level two is based on leadership and team skills, Pera says.

“The students will have to lead a team to complete assignments and will come out with a certificate in leadership and team skills.

“Leadership level three will require the students to also lead a team and they will earn a  diploma.”

CITTI will also roll out a level five course towards the middle of the year.

“We thought we would start with level one to level three and then later on bring in a level five.

“We are looking at higher levels of learning, because there is that need now.

“We already have people who have done first line management who are looking for the next level.”

Pera says part of the enrolment process will involve having a discussion with learners to assess their knowledge.

There has been a good response to the course people from government workers as well as the hospitality industry, she adds.

“Level three breaks up into three strands - retail, hospitality and business, and we are altering the programme to suit the needs of our people.

The one-year programme will involve one or two days a week depending on the level.

Enrolments are still open and the course will begin on February 12.

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