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Positive outlook for college pupils

Monday January 22, 2018 Written by Published in Education

IT HAS been a positive start to 2018 for Tereora College’s senior students.


Around 380 of the school’s senior students participated in National Certificate of Educational Achievements (NCEA) last year and all held high hopes for their results that were released on Monday (CI time) this week.

Principal Tania Morgan said she was proud of the students, who had put a lot of effort into their school work.

She said one of the main focus areas was on the NCEA end of year exams (“externals”) and subject endorsements.

“We wanted to put effort into helping students with their externals as these are important for subject endorsements.

“With a preliminary look at the results, it seems there has been an increase rate in the student’s external results,” Morgan said.

With a strong focus on subject endorsements for 2017, Morgan said the results appeared positive.

“It looks as if our results will fluctuate a little and the areas that we targeted for 2017 have shown a positive increase.

“We did a lot of tracking throughout last year and we used the students’ mock exam results to see how well we thought the students would go.”

Morgan said they were yet to do a full analysis of the student’s NCEA results, as teachers normally have an input into this.

She said the students seemed to better understand the NCEA system and were aware of what was needed in order to gain their qualifications.

“If they are going off to university, they are aware of what they need to do and get.”

Self-confidence was a big factor for the students going into their exams, Morgan said.

“A high number of students turned up for their externals, so obviously that means that they were confident enough.”

Despite the college redevelopment project that went on around them throughout 2017, the students still managed to get on with their work despite the fact there was a massive building site in the middle of their school grounds.

“When you talk to the students, it is just what it is - a building site right in the middle of our school and the students just got on with it.

“They didn’t allow it to hinder their work.

“A bit of time was involved when they had to walk from one end of the school to another, but they just made allowances, made it work, and never complained.”

Morgan said a number of Year 13 students who called at the college to check their results had already looked at changing the direction of what they wanted to do.

“Obviously they had a bit of an idea of what they wanted to do at the end of last year, but I think with the results that have just come in, they have had a bit of change of heart and so some of them are now looking at going to university.”

Morgan says university works for some people, but there are many ways to further education.

“What we have found is that a larger proportion of our students that perhaps go to university after taking a year off after finishing school actually do very well and that is what we are looking at supporting.”

Thanks to the school’s new facilities, there are a number of areas that Morgan says can be used by students who aren’t going off to university.

“Perhaps they can do some online papers at the school.”

Overall NCEA results will be released next week.

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