Students enjoy consultant’s visit

Saturday April 15, 2017 Written by Published in Education
Taroro Pera , Corly Tiraa and Harley Ngaau hold up their letters to their friends overseas before completion. 17041330 Taroro Pera , Corly Tiraa and Harley Ngaau hold up their letters to their friends overseas before completion. 17041330

On Thursday this week, Year 5 students of Apii Takitumu received a visit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs consultant Elizabeth Wright-Koteka.


Wright-Koteka said she had been given the responsibility of putting together the national children’s policy.

“I believe it is important that this policy is informed by the children, because usually policies are made by adults. So I think if we are going to reach our target (audience) then we need to engage their views.”

A series of activities have been undertaken within the primary schools across different age groups to learn the students’ perspectives on what they like and don’t like about living in the Cook Islands.

“This will allow me to come up with some ideas of what the content of the policy will be and what outcomes the children are wanting,” Wright-Koteka said.

Takitumu Year 5 students were asked to write a postcard to a friend overseas sharing their thoughts on life in the Cook Islands.

“It is amazing how differently the children think and their different perspective on things.

“Part of the exercise is not only to gain their view, but to broaden their understanding of the wider world around them.”

Year 5 student Terehana Teko said she enjoyed her day with Wright- Koteka and chose to write to her cousin overseas.

“I am writing to tell him that I miss him and that I enjoy living in Rarotonga and going to school at Takitumu,” Teko said.

Another Year 5 student, Cecilia Emile, said she was writing a postcard to her friend living in New Zealand. 

“I am telling her that I love the island because I have lots of friends here and enjoy embracing my culture,” Emile said.

So far Wright-Koteka has visited Takitumu Primary School, Avarua Primary School and St Joseph’s Primary School.

“The students have a great response when it comes to learning or developing their education and I am looking forward to visiting more primary schools next term,” She said.

Wright-Koteka said she will visit all the Rarotongan primary schools and three outer islands schools.

Year 5 teacher James Keen said it has been “fantastic” having Wright-Koteka visit the students and they had got a lot out of the consultation.

“It has been a great way to finish the term and we are looking forward to a restful holiday and a great Easter.

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