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Homework club starts again at college

Tuesday April 04, 2017 Written by Published in Education

Tereora College has started up its weekly homework club in a bid to get students prepared for upcoming assignments.


Running twice a week, the club gives students the opportunity to make use of school resources outside of school hours.

“The homework club provides students the opportunity to access resources that aid them with their assessments, be it the help of teachers, or computers.

“The homework club has proved extremely helpful for students in regards to completing assignments and gaining the necessary NCEA credits,” deputy principal of Tereora College, Boaz Raela has said.

Principal Tania Morgan highlighted the renewal of the club in a Facebook post on Rarotonga Community and Beyond. The post received more than 70 likes and received nothing but positive feedback from families and parents.

The homework club is available for Years 9 to 13, however Morgan has noted that if students need other help that they may contact her with their concerns.

Raela has said the college aims to have the club running through each term; however this task proves difficult in the first term of the year as faculty is busy with new classes, assignments and the preparation of the year ahead.

Nonetheless, the club is running smoothly and is set to be extremely helpful for students towards the end of the year as they finish off their studies, complete final assignment, and prepare for exams.

“We encourage students to make use of the resources they have available to them, as they can only benefit further from their use,” Raela said.

The college highlighted that one of its aims is to provide additional opportunities for its students, and the homework club is just one way they are able to achieve their goal.

The homework club will be running Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For further information contact the Tereora College office on 23819.         

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