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Friday February 17, 2017 Written by Published in Education
Tereora College’s high achievers at last week’s lunch. 17021615 Tereora College’s high achievers at last week’s lunch. 17021615

Acknowledging high-achieving students’ efforts is a way to give pupils an extra incentive, according to the principal of Tereora College Tania Morgan.

The college has just held its second high-achievers’ luncheon at The Islander and Morgan says it is part of recognising the academic attainment of senior students from the previous year.

Students who received a Merit or Excellence endorsement overall get invited to the luncheon.

This year 70 attended and 50 staff joined them.

“It’s something we thought we would do,” Morgan said.

“One of core values is excellence within the school. We see academic excellence as a big part of that. “We are trying to raise the level of attainment that students are going for. It gives them an extra incentive.

“It’s only a luncheon, but it is the acknowledgement that’s really important.”

Morgan said it was a lovely lunch at The Islander.

“We were 80 in total last year, this year it was 120. It was a big number. 

“It was different to last year when we got to choose from a menu and put orders in prior to getting there. 

“This year it was a buffet meal and was a lot easier to manage.”

Guest speaker at the lunch was Maruia Willie, a former Head Girl in 2012. Willie is in the final year of civil engineering at Auckland university.

“She was a high achiever as well. She has certainly gone on as civil engineering is not something everyone goes into,” Morgan said.

“She’s in her final semester and she gave a really good speech based around the importance of education.”

Morgan said: “It is important to have a student, relatively new out of college, who has moved on to tertiary study and is heading out of that phase and intending to come back into the work force.”

And Willie will be moving back to the Cook Islands.

“She got a scholarship, so there is a bond back to the Cook Islands she will serve. 

“She probably would have anyway because that is the type of girl she is. She is very much connected to Cook Islands. Born and bred in Cook Islands, all her schooling in Cook Islands. 

“She has a lot invested back here. Her family is still very strong and her younger sisters are  at school here.”

“It’s a big thing to be acknowledged for high achievement. Then to go out to a lunch with staff is something that’s good for them. We don’t always have the opportunity to sit with students and acknowledge them for their efforts.”

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