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Plenty to celebrate at Nukutere College

Monday February 06, 2017 Written by Published in Education
Nukutere College co-principal George Rasmussen with the prefect heads at the St. Joseph Cathedral. 17020324 Nukutere College co-principal George Rasmussen with the prefect heads at the St. Joseph Cathedral. 17020324

The inauguration ceremony for the 2017 prefects also celebrated the fact that students last year achieved the school’s biggest success in National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) in many years.


Co-principal George Rasmussen was clearly delighted to announce Nukutere’s 2016 Level 1 NCEA results.

“Nukutere College achieved a 95 per cent pass rate, the college’s highest in several years and (a highlight) was the particular success of the NCEA Level 1 certificate endorsements of two Excellence passes and six Merit passes.”

Rasmussen attributed this success to the dedication and hard work of the NCEA teachers who gave extra teaching time after school and in the holidays.

“Parents and teachers need to teach and help students to take responsibility for their own learning,” he said.

Pupils, staff and visitors then had an opportunity to congratulate the school’s 12 new prefects during this year’s first college mass and the inauguration ceremony.

At the mass Father Freddy Kaina encouraged prefects, students, teachers and parents to provide service, take responsibility and do their duties.

“After much discussion between the staff, teachers recognised that these prefects have something extra to give the school as a whole.

Those who were prefects last year were also guided and inspired to take up the role again.”

Kaina said it was now time to move away from the old days and build on what was good and work on things to take the school and its students into the future.

He reiterated the prefects were not there to tell students off, but to serve them, to guide them and help the teachers.

Head boy Taine Haworth acknowledged the teachers for trusting him with the new role, a job he said he would perform to the best of his ability.

“My brother was a head boy for this school and I am glad to be following his path. I will give the best I can back to the school and make them proud,” Haworth said.

Haworth said teamwork would be the key to the prefects’ success this year and anything was possible if they focused on working together with the students and teachers for another successful year.