Apii Nikao prefab to be ready soon

Monday January 23, 2017 Written by Published in Education
The prefab building is expected to be occupied by the end of this month. 17011618 The prefab building is expected to be occupied by the end of this month. 17011618

THE COOK ISLANDS government has funded construction of the Apii Nikao School prefab, expected to be completed before the opening of the school year.


Cook Islands Investment Corporations (CIIC), special project units manager Anne Taoro said the building will accommodate year seven and eight students for the next two years.

The $280,000 building will house students who will be recombining after spending 2016 in two different schools.

The relocation of these two classes out of the hall will give the students and teachers much more learning space.

The building features two internal learning areas and an outdoor “breakout” space. Bathroom facilities are included due to the distance of the building from the hall facilities.

The building is fully transportable and when Apii Nikao moves into their new school, the prefab building will be relocated to another school or government property. Apii Nikao’s rebuild project is funded by the Chinese Government and according to a government press release, work on the main school building is scheduled to begin in the first half of this year. The funding, which was confirmed in October last year, is a grant that incorporates an agreement whereby the Chinese government chooses a Chinese design company and a contractor for the rebuild.

Apii Nikao will reciieve new enrolments on January 25- 26 from 8am - 2pm. All students will be expected back to start term one on January 30.

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