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Thursday April 21, 2016 Written by Published in Education
Caroline Medway-Smith speaks to some of the students who took part in activities at the Cook Islands Tertiary Institute. 16042111 Caroline Medway-Smith speaks to some of the students who took part in activities at the Cook Islands Tertiary Institute. 16042111

There was plenty of excitement among students from Araura College, Enuamanu School, Mangaia School and Mauke who attended the Pa Enua Tonga work experience programme this week.


On Monday the students attended the Ministry of Education’s welcome and orientation programme.

The students and their teachers were welcomed by itinerant career counsellor June Hosea, coordinator for the Pa Enua Tonga work experience programme programme, who offered a short devotion before inclusive education advisors Kathryn Bradley and Eve Reea conducted an “ice-breaker” activity with everyone. 

There was much laughter and “cheating” as everyone got involved in the activity which had everyone relaxing in each other’s company.

The students and teachers then introduced themselves and then each school group performed an item unique to their island.

“The songs and chants were awesome and were enjoyed by all,” Hosea said.

“The scholarship coordinator, Anna Roi, spoke to the students about scholarship opportunities available to all Cook Islanders for tertiary study and training, and encouraged them to consider applying when the time is right.

“Ina Herrmann, Director for Learning & Teaching, also spoke to the students, sharing her experiences as a student from the outer islands when she first came to Rarotonga as a 12 year old, and the hurdles she had to overcome in her quest for academic success. 

“She encouraged them to make the most of all the opportunities that come their way to ensure that they have careers they are passionate about and allow them to contribute meaningfully to their families, communities, nation and mankind. 

“After all the speeches, introductions and activities were over, morning tea was hosted by the Learner Support Line of the Learning & Teaching Division of the MOE.”

On Tuesday the work experience students were hosted by staff of the Cook Islands Tertiary Institute to a tour of their campuses. 

At 9am one group, made up of Araura College and Enuamanu School students, started at the Hospitality and Tourism School in Ngatangiia, while the other group, made up of the Mangaia and Mauke students, started at the Trade School in Arorangi. 

At the Trade School Campus the students participated in hands-on activities such as making a wooden stool (the fastest time was six minutes and 45 seconds) in the Building and Construction department. They also made metallic names tags in the Automotive and Engineering department and compled a simple electrical circuit to light up an electric light bulb in the Electrical Engineering department. 

“The students thoroughly enjoyed these activities and the delicious lunch that was provided by the Trades & Technology School staff, says Hosea.

The two groups then swapped over so that they could experience what was on offer at both campuses. 

Tourism and Hospitality staff organised more fun activities for the students to participate in. 

Both groups helped to prepare food. The morning group made healthy chicken wraps while the afternoon group made mango coconut and strawberry cream cheese muffins. 

Everyone then ate the tutors and students’ handiwork, and thoroughly enjoyed it, says Hosea.

“A sincere thank you to Caroline Medway-Smith and the team at CITTI for a truly memorable experience. The students couldn’t stop talking about all the fun they had and the things they learned at CITTI.

On Thursday the students started their five-day work experience attachments with various providers in the government and private sector.

Hosea said she would like to thank all the work experience providers for their willingness to offer placements for young people from the Pa Enua, and also Air Rarotonga who generously sponsored greatly reduced fares for the students and

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