Students adjusting well to life at a bigger school

Saturday February 27, 2016 Written by Published in Education
Year 8 students Alpha Ngire, Kaienua Pera and Caleb Tararo. 16022223 Year 8 students Alpha Ngire, Kaienua Pera and Caleb Tararo. 16022223

Apii Nikao Year 8 students have adjusted well to the high school life at Tereora College.


The prospect of a bigger school, more students and harder work can all seem a bit intimidating for young Year 8 students, but with the great support from Tereora College staff this has resulted in a positive change.

Confidence was just a matter of time for young Mara Marsters.

“At first it was scary because there are so many people, but now I feel comfortable because I’m used to it and have made new friends,” Marsters said.

Another Year 8 student Rennie Tamangaro said, “It’s really cool here, I was pretty nervous at first cause of all the big kids, so it was a bit intimidating.

“I feel more relaxed now because I’ve been hanging with my friends from Nikao Maori.”

Tamangaro enjoys the school work and having Art as an option class.

“It’s pretty amazing the kind of work they give us, and the classrooms are cool,” he said.

 Two primary school teachers Metua Teariki and Pipirangi Heather transferred over from Avatea Primary school to Tereora College to help teach the Year 8 students.

Pipirangi Heather said: “It’s been the best change, and now that we are here, I feel that the students are happier and more settled.”

Heather said the students had been focusing hard on their work and putting in a good effort.

“Most of our students would be transferring to Tereora College when they reach year 9 anyway, so it’s a natural step for them and they know now what is expected of them so they are really working hard.”

The work pressure for  primary school teachers can be evcn more demanding than for secondary school teachers, Heather said.

“I feel that the load I’m taking now is easier because I’m just focusing on teaching the Year 8’s and the teachers and staff are really supportive and helpful.”

Principal Tania Morgan is happy with the alteration and says the Year 8s have adapted well.

“In terms of the adjustment, I think it’s been a really positive thing and it is great to have the teachers and the students as part of our learning community and I do feel that they have really settled in well.

“There will be some development within the learning also with the teachers by seeing where we need to adjust to suit the learning environment here.

“In terms of our teachers there is an opportunity for us to learn something from the primary school teachers as well.” 

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