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Secretary ‘happy’ with Apii Nikao

Wednesday February 24, 2016 Written by Published in Education
Gail Townsend. 16022322 Gail Townsend. 16022322

Education secretary Gail Townsend says her interest is in the learning and teaching going on at Apii Nikao.


“I have been in quite a few times already this year and have to say I am really happy with the learning I see happening and the positive atmosphere around the school.

“It may seem noisy, but stop and listen to “the noise.” It is children talking about what they are doing and learning: they are excited by their own achievements and progress.

“As Trevor also noted, I am aware that we are expecting different teams from China associated with this project in the coming weeks over the remainder of February and March.”

Townsend said learning and teaching had changed.

“It is no longer all about the teacher at the front of the room as a source of transmission to the whole of class and more about working with smaller groups of students on different activities based on where they are at and the models of learning that best suit them.

“The infrastructure we are developing at Apii Nikao is going to be purpose-built for this. The current set up in the hall is modelled on this.”           - Release/CS

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