Schools alive

Saturday February 06, 2016 Written by Published in Education

Schools  alive Schools all around the Cook Islands came back to life this week with vibrant and excited children ready for the new school term.


After a six week holiday break with Christmas, New Year and plenty of fun under the sun, students were mostly glad to be back at school.

Children had fresh haircuts and new uniforms with a range of new stationary.

“These are our new uniforms, nice and white,” said Avarua Primary School pupil Melani Thomson.

Apii Te Uki Ou students were out and about during lunch break mingling with their mates.

“At lunch time, I played with my friends in the playground with our teddies and read books in the library,” said seven-year-old Maeva Fe’ao. 

“My favourite subject is reading, but this week we have been learning symmetry and I like it because it’s helping me in my maths.”

Teachers were also eager to start off the academic year with plans and vision for success.

Imanuela Akatemia principal Jonathan Nand said, “We are focusing on reviving practical aspects like performing arts, music and athletics in our school and balancing it with our academic aspects.”

“My teacher is sooooooooo nice and she’s my Mum,,” said six-year-old Aumoana Inamata from Avarua Primary School.

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