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College seniors meet to make decisions

Tuesday January 26, 2016 Written by Published in Education
Year 12 students Tatiana Sherwin and Phillip Hosking were among the pupils considering their options for this year. 16012504 Year 12 students Tatiana Sherwin and Phillip Hosking were among the pupils considering their options for this year. 16012504

Tereora College’s senior students assembled at the national school yesterday to finalise their subjects for this year’s course selection.


Year 11 and 12 students gathered in classrooms and discussed the subjects of most interest to them with teachers.

Tereora College’s deputy principal Teremoana Ngaau said subject selection was based on the students’ career pathways.

She said they selected subjects based on what they wanted to do after leaving school.

“If they’re planning on going to university, then we need to make sure they meet the university entrance requirements.

“They need to have at least three university approved courses that are achievement standard based with 14 or more credits in each course for university entrance.

“The students also need literacy requirements, so English is really important to get those literacy credits and any other achievement standard courses.

“If they are wanting to work, we have to look at what area they are looking into.

“If it is business, mechanics, trade or building we make sure that they choose the appropriate subject for their career choice.”

There are about 20 subjects to choose from and the students can only take five subjects.

A year 13 student, Lexi Mackenzie-Hoff chose English, History, Tourism and Geography.

But she was unsure of her fifth subject as she found that a few of her subjects clashed.

“This year I want to be a great role model for the school students,” said Mackenzie-Hoff, who has also applied to be a student leader.

A year 12 student, Siana Whatarau chose Drama, English, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry as her five subjects.

“I really like drama, and I’m good at science,” Whatarau said.

“I’m not sure yet on my career choice, so I want to keep my options open by choosing subjects that have a variety of job opportunities.”

Whatarau’s goal is to gain an excellence endorsement overall for year 12.

Another year 12 student Phillip Hosking chose English, Design and Visual Communication, Art and Building Academy which takes up two classes.

“My goal is to pass year 12 with a merit endorsement.”

Hosking said he wants to become a carpenter in New Zealand once he has finished school on Rarotonga. 

He won first place at building academy last year and is aiming to achieve first place again this year.

A total of 650 enrolments have been made at Tereora College this year - 132 year 12 students and 146 year 13 students.

Tereora College does its best to get students into the courses they prefer.