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The fi reworks display at Constitution Park last week made a big impression on this young artist. The fi reworks display at Constitution Park last week made a big impression on this young artist.

While the Cook Islands were into the full swing of celebrating of the 50th anniversary of self-governance, students from St Joseph’s Primary school were enjoying their school holiday with their families and friends.

Some took part in the school’s float parade, while others participated in the fun activities held throughout the celebrations and even performed in the constitution celebrations at the auditorium. During their first week back at school Grade 5 they wrote about their holidays. Here are some of their works, as well as one piece from a Grade 6 student on the 50th celebrations.         


My holiday - By Caitlyn Allison Tommy

During my school holidays my family and I had fun. We hiked up the mountains, we climbed for two hours, finally we got to the top of the mountain. My parents took lots of pictures and looked around. We then climbed down the mountains track to our car and drove home. As soon as we got home we all jumped into our pool and cooled down.


My holiday - By Moana Une

During my school holiday in the morning I walked across home for breakfast and had a shower and joined my cousins to go and watch the float parade. Later on we all had ice=cream. I went to the Trade Day and CITC to celebrate my bother’s birthday and do some shopping. I helped my mum in the shop and went home to watch movies. The next morning we drove to the Trade Day again to watch the show. At night we watched the fireworks on the last day of the constitution celebrations.


My holiday - By Erica Teariki

During my school holiday on the first week of the holiday on Friday I joined our St Joseph’s school float. I had a lot of fun with my sister Mauru while we were walking we saw my aunty, my mum and my baby sister Aamire at the float. Our school float returned to school to pack up and join our own families. Mrs Brown then gave each of us a voucher for a free scoop of ice-cream at Foodland. After the float I went home with my mum and my sisters.


50th Anniversary Celebrations – By Jiosifini Wong

There were a lot of events during the 3 weeks holiday to mark the 50th Anniversary of self-governing in the Cook Islands. My favourite one was the dancing at the Auditorium, the thing that impressed me the most was the way they move their hips. I cannot sway my hips like those dancers do.

I felt excited and at the same time jealous. The food that they were selling looks delicious but the best thing I like to eat was the pink yummy candyfloss.

The team that my sister was in was called Tongareva, I think she is the best dancer int hat group. She was not scared. If I was dancing I would be as scared as a cat if I do a mistake. Lots of people were clapping and cheering from the crowd. When the dancing finished my mum and I met you with my sister, she was waiting outside. While we were going home we saw lights hanging, to me they looked magical. I thought it was Christmas already.

I was very proud of my sister for supporting Penryhn Island, I will always remember these weeks till the nest 50 years of my life.


My school holiday - By Yannicka Tinirau

During my school holidays, I went to the Trade Day and I saw my friends. I then played ast the Teen Zone with my twin sister Joelle and I played Laser Tag. I stayed and watched Joelle go on the Go Karts. After het game we got something to eat and then headed back to the Teen Zone and played again.

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