New books for Raro schools

Monday July 27, 2015 Written by Published in Education

Rotary has donated a collection of books to schools on Rarotonga. 

Cook Islands Ministry of Education, Secondary Literacy Advisor Kim Geddes says the Ministry has received mass boxes of books from Rotary in the past, and sometimes up to three times a year. 

“All schools receive books as the rotary books come every year, so, we ‘share’ the books, ensuring that all schools get some, eventually. 

“Titikaveka didn’t get any in the last round, so that’s why they have been given some this round.”

The books come in 20 boxes, sorted into different categories such as infants, primary, secondary and adult reading. 

“There’s always a need for books and a need to replace books that are torn or get damaged.”

The Ministry of Education would like to thank the Rotary organisation for donating the books to our kids.

Rotary is a worldwide service organisation with over one million people contributing to its success, the foundation is dedicated to helping people all over the world.

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