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Years Nines have sustainable energy 'conference'

Friday June 13, 2014 Written by Published in Education
Sustainable Energy Sustainable Energy

All 110 year nine students and a group of 15 year 13 students’ leaders will be attending a full day conference on Monday at the Crown Beach Resort, which has offered the use of its facilities at special rates to the college.

The conference theme is “Sustainable Energy Use”.

Guest speakers include Tua Pittman Master Navigator Pacific Voyagers, Roger DeBray (Energy commissioner), Bob Riley (Solar Energy Consultant) and Gail Townsend (Executive Director of the Ministry of Education and UNESCO Commissioner of Education).

“We hope that our Year Nine students will enjoy the experience of being treated as “conference delegates” in a genuine conference venue, complete with name tags and white table cloths” said Principal Bali Haque.

The conference will be followed by a series of field trips on Tuesday which will include visits to Muri Beach Resort (which is 100% renewable energy), Avana, to view the Marumaru Atua, Te Aponga Uira,  and the Prime Minister’s office to visit the Energy Commissioner.

The conference and field trip will mark the beginning of a six week research based unit of work on sustainable energy which will be delivered at the college in all core subject classes by more than 20 teachers.

The College is working very closely with Auckland University’s Liggins Institute to support teachers with resources and professional development. This project is supported by NZ Aid.


“We are particularly grateful to NZ Aid and the Liggins institute for the support they have provided, and  hope that the research students will be involved in will not only be interesting, but will  also encourage families to find out more about an issue which simply cannot be ignored .Students need to know about sustainable energy use because it effects them and their families every single day, and it will, without doubt, impact on the lives of their own children in the future,”  said  Bali Haque.

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