Big plans for Northern airstrips

Saturday September 14, 2019

Engineers have inspected the Cooks’ most remote runways as the local airline talks with government about upgrading the Northern Group’s coral runways.

The lawyer for a Rarotonga company named in a $1 million assets freezing order has spoken out to defend the company’s integrity.

When more than 60 passengers were left stranded by budget airline Jetstar, good-hearted locals came to their aid.

Water boss leaves amid uncertainty

Friday October 04, 2019

Anti-chlorine groups says replacing To Tatou Vai head is a chance to take a fresh look at water treatment plans. 

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation is taking a proactive approach in getting the industry ready to face future crisis in the country.

The Government is in talk with insurance companies and is open to ideas for a “tailored” solution for the high-risk Cook Islands market.

$8m Cooks insurance bill rising

Tuesday October 01, 2019

A government scheme would allow insurers to work together in a natural disaster to help Cooks rebuild. Losirene Lacanivalu and Jonathan Milne report.

Govt fixes roads for Atiu voters

Tuesday October 15, 2019

Demos say ministers diverted $705,000 to help with a pet project for Te-Hani Brown, as she fought to win a by-election. 

Government decided the pearl industry was failing on the basis of a flawed official report, a well-known pearl farmer says.

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